Cinnamon Rolls

It’s one thing to bake cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. It’s another thing to bake rolls and breads. Since I started baking in August, I’ve avoided every recipe in my cookbooks that involves yeast. It’s scary. It’s temperamental. It’s… mysterious. And it involves waiting. (I hate cookies that need waiting too. Boo.)

But something kept tugging on me. Maybe it’s the anticipation of Christmas, a mere 11 days away. Or it’s my craving for something soft, yielding, and dripping in icing. And cinnamon rolls definitely qualify. Here’s to my first time using yeast, and may there be many more!

Oh and I needed an excuse to use my early Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I’m pretty sure only yeasted baked goods involve heating water (unless I wanted to make a double broiler… also scary). You’ll see what I mean…

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The Pioneer Woman at O’Hare International Airport

The Pioneer Woman has legions of followers on Twitter. Though the popularity of her website surely warrants the popularity of her tweets, I think her 140 character blurbs stand on their own. They are very often incredibly funny, lively, and relatable. I hope to feature more of her great tweets in the future. 🙂