Nobhill Tavern, Las Vegas

Having driven past Michael Mina’s XIV several times while on the Sunset Strip, I was disappointed to hear that the space is now for many private events and is no longer a fully functioning restaurant. Of course, I say this as though it happened yesterday, but it’s actually been almost a year. Thankfully, Stephen and I tried out one of his Las Vegas establishments, Nobhill Tavern, and had a delicious meal with excellent service. Unlike XIV, which was supposedly marred by an identity crisis in menu (and service), Nobhill Tavern shines in its creative interpretations of classic American fare.

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The Restaurant at the J. Paul Getty Museum

There are a lot of reasons the Getty is so popular in L.A. Beautiful architecture framing gorgeous views of the city, interesting art exhibitions, and relaxing gardens, all for free (or $15 if you drive there and park) makes a museum-going experience that is fun and enjoyable for casual museum-goers and families.

Currently, there is a great exhibition called L.A. Style¬†on the late Herb Ritts’ black and white photography. The exhibition is quite large, one could easily spend a good hour at least looking at some truly iconic shots of famous celebrities and oiled athletes. After I spent a few hours wandering around the galleries and examining the Ritts show, I headed over to The Restaurant for lunch and tried their three course tasting menu inspired by Los Angeles and the Getty’s recent, L.A. focused programming.

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Jamie’s Italian: A warm experience in Oxford

Hi… remember me? It’s good to be writing on here again. The vast majority of March was pretty insane, to say the least. But I’m glad I’ve since gotten the chance to take a breather. With winter finals out of the way, the southern California sun is much more of a welcome presence than a torturous tease for the deskbound college student.

Oh, and in the meantime, I went to London for a week. It was a surprise trip after finals and I heartily welcomed the change in pace.

While there, my mom and I explored many of the typical historical sites within the city. But for one of the days, we thought it would be fun to head to Oxford for the day. It was, simply put, the perfect day trip. A mere one hour train ride out of Paddington Station in central London and a cozy, collegiate atmosphere that allowed the two of us to wander on our own without tour guides herding us along the narrow, cobbled streets, I highly recommend anyone who will be in London and is a bit weary after all the shuffling between the Tower of London and Harrods.

Anyhow, it’s a good thing we wandered somewhat aimlessly because we stumbled upon the Jamie’s Italian location in Oxford.

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Mind-blowing Macaroni and Cheese

Because I’m going to the LA Cupcake Challenge today, because I’m still reeling from the intensity of midterms week, because I’m taking the GRE next week and need comforting (ridiculously cheesy, melty, gooey comforting), I’m sharing with you this phenomenal macaroni and cheese my boyfriend made.

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