Crack Pie

When my family recently hosted an impromptu dinner party and I was in charge of the dessert, crack pie was a great choice because it delivered as both an interesting conversation starter and as a well-received dessert. Crack Pie is one of the destination desserts that people have to order upon arriving at momofuku milkbar. At $44/pie (according to their website), this sweet disc of ooey-gooey, oaty, crunchy, and salty harmony is surprisingly easy to make.

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Oatmeal Ice Cream

Today was an unusually overcast and chilly for San Diego in mid-July and it was just as well because I have begun my preparations for my move to the United Kingdom. I will be gone for two years, so between packing winter clothes and researching bed sizes in the UK, my mom has been nagging encouraging me to use up as much of my accumulated baking supplies as possible. This means using up ingredients that are ideal for another season, like oatmeal, which I associate with apple pie, Thanksgiving, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Not wanting to just make more oatmeal raisin cookies, I opted for oatmeal ice cream, which is quintessentially summer. This cream is very subtle with a hearty texture and a refreshing lightness that cools off while alluding to the brisker months ahead of us.

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Classic and easy!

My mom and my grandmother’s favorite cookie, by far, is the Raisin Oatmeal cookie. Chewy from the oats, spicy and sensuous from the cinnamon, and sweet, but only in that natural, “I’m eating fruit,” way from the raisins, oatmeal raisin cookies are delicious only when all the components come together in a balanced fashion. For this cookie adventure, I used a “tried and true” recipe from In spite of some negative reviews (people claimed the cookies got very thin and the raisins burned, or that the cookies hardened into inedible disks), I found that these cookies came out practically picture perfect. I did make minor modifications, but none of the original recipe’s proportions need to be altered.

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