Pink Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

Lately I’ve been thinking about bright, pretty things that remind me of being a girl, daintiness in general, and looking at life through rose-colored glasses. My senior year has been more grueling that expected and I didn’t really get the chance to catch up on all the fall and holiday baking I had wanted to do.

Pink grapefruit sandwich cookies from one of Martha Stewart’s recipes is a nice girly cookie to counteract the rather blah constants in my life right now, like my androgynous, de facto school outfit of black workout pants and a hoodie. Admittedly, the recipe is not 100% perfect, but baking for me is as much about the process as it is about the product.

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Cream Cheese Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies are the cupcakes of the cookie world. Here, the velvety filling lends each small cookie bite all the richness, sweetness, and smoothness of a homemade cream cheese frosting. Being slightly larger than a quarter, it was very easy to eat two of these at a time and see the cookie supply dwindle magically. Best enjoyed after a spell in the refrigerator, this recipe from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook is a cookie that is just different enough from the old drop cookie routine. But the delicious and familiar flavors of vanilla, cream cheese, and buttery shortbread make these cookies an instant classic.

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Marble Cake

It’s been a while since I’ve baked. Though I’ve cooked a few things recently with Stephen, it’s just not the same as baking. I don’t know if I’m just rusty, but some less than ideal things occurred during this process. I believe the recipe is perfect though, because the marble cake I made still turned out to be delicious. (Thanks, Martha!)

Just in time for a quarter with several days of early morning class, this marble cake makes breakfast fast and delicious. It’s not too sweet (I chose to  omit the white chocolate glaze that the recipe is paired with in Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook) but has subtle vanilla and cocoa flavors that meld well on the tongue of a sleepy, witless college student at 7:00 AM.

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“Spicy” Cheese Biscuits

This is going to be a simple little post. About one thing. Spicy cheese biscuits from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook. Thus far, this will be my second attempt at making biscuits. My last attempt was a baking soda-tasting, yuck!-inducing disaster. These are so so so delicious. My boyfriend, who currently has Popeye’s biscuits on some crazy high biscuit throne, approves of these. Especially when sandwiching some eggs and American cheese. And bacon.

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Chocolate Shortbread Fingers

Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook has a recipe for Chocolate Shortbread Fingers, a recipe that is both straightforward and rewarding. Their texture is brownie-like and their flavor is warm, indulgent, and spicy, similar to drinking thick hot chocolate and eating a gingersnap. These chocolate shortbread fingers have none of the fuss associated with making brownies (from scratch at least), but capture the moistness and indulgence associated with eating a brownie. Read more of this post

Thoughts on Sugar Cookies

I absolutely LOVE sugar cookies. Buttery and crumbly at the same time, sugar cookies are such a treat. But I’ve never been good at making them. My dough always felt like a wet sticky goo that just stuck to my pastry mat when I tried to use my cookie cutters. Even after I tried the chilling method, the dough would quickly become goopy again. Not fun!

Enter… Martha Stewart. My boyfriend recently got me Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook. It is a gem of a cookbook. The reviews on Amazon raved about how helpful the book is and after flipping through its 400+ pages, they are definitely right! I naturally had to try her sugar cookies recipe. If anyone could get an average home baker to make incredible sugar cookies, it would be Martha.

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