Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, Las Vegas

Growing up in California (and in a Chinese family) meant that many family vacations involved Las Vegas. Chinese people love Vegas. I have lost count of the trips I have taken with my parents and the number of buffets in which I have indulged. For my boyfriend however, who was born and raised in Texas, Las Vegas existed only in movies and television shows. So for his first trip, we planned an array of sights and dining for experiential diversity. For me too this first trip to Las Vegas would have a few firsts. In particular, this would be my first trip without my parents so it would be a good opportunity to try places other than the usual haunts.

A longtime staple for fans of the Southwestern-inspired chef, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in the Caesar’s Palace was an ideal place to have brunch after wandering around the Strip for several hours. Mesa Grill is casual, intimate, and relaxing. It’s the kind of restaurant you wish you could transplant back home and make it a part of a weekly tradition.

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