Little Pink Toque

Little Pink Toque is a web-comic that I started in December 2010. A long-time follower of numerous bloggers and food personalities on Twitter and the web in general, I realized how many outright hilarious and fantastic blurbs these people generate on a day-to-day basis that just disappear as more content is created. I wanted a way for these slices of daily life to be relived and enjoyed, primarily for myself. I’ve enjoyed drawing and illustrating ever since I could pick up a crayon, and this seemed like a fun way to engage in the crazy world of food blogs! I do not own a little pink toque of my own, but I would love to have one soon.

I love food blogs and am constantly trying to discover (and rediscover) great writers. Feel free to post websites or Twitter accounts of people you follow here or you can e-mail me at Found a funny tweet or Facebook update that would make a great LPT cartoon? I am always looking for inspiration too!


One Response to Little Pink Toque

  1. Christine says:

    Hey Kelly!

    It’s Christine from Sab Diego/Apple/UCLA/what else?! Long time no talk! I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to give you props! From one writer to another, it’s such a fun read and the pictures are so elegant!
    I’ve got a blog as well if you want to check it out. It’s about travel and photography. Take a look!

    Keep on writing! Good luck at UCLA, and if I’m ever in westwood I’ll drop you a Facebook message 🙂


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