Blueberry Scones

What do I miss when I’m away from home? Lately, this question hasn’t been so easy to answer. At first when I was adjusting to life in England, year-round avocados, reliably fantastic Chinese or Japanese food, and unsweetened almond milk might have been my immediate answers. But since then, I’ve temporarily relocated to Beijing. From here, there are plenty of things I now see that I intensely miss about England, which I didn’t realize had become my home away from home. I’m thinking of Cornish clotted cream with the right amount of dense, textural inertia, fish ‘n’ chips with barely-there batter and zingy tartar sauce, and finally, the warm, rustic light inside my favorite pub in Oxford, a cozy glow that belonging to the color spectrums of worn wood and cracked leather.

In contrast to the whole pub culture though, is the afternoon tea ritual. I have previously written about afternoon tea on KbK and my followers on Instagram know that I love it and love it often. But what to do when I’m at home, but away from my home away from home? Make scones. Even if you don’t follow my logic, I don’t know anyone that can’t follow scones, and these blueberry ones are the kind that help life make sense even when it doesn’t really at all.


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Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

This week I finish an eight month internship at a major art museum in Los Angeles and I am a little sad about it. While there, I have developed relationships with people that are passionate, smart, and kind. Learning from them has made me even more sure about the career path I wish to pursue and feel an immense amount of gratitude for their mentoring, patience, and friendship. This being my senior year at UCLA and all, I have mentally prepared myself for several “lasts;” last sorority sisterhood event, last final exam, last Diddy Riese ice cream sandwich, etc. Yet, the realization of my first “last” has hit me like a cold wind and I find myself dreading my last day.

I made these chocolate pistachio biscotti for those mornings when all you want to do is linger a little longer and savor the random things that you never thought you would miss. As an intern, I did do a fair share of paperwork and heavy lifting, but it was definitely worth it for things like walking by Egyptian antiquities everyday on my way to the office and taking “art breaks” to see the latest installation of a crazy new contemporary piece or a full eighteenth century gown.

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Blackberry Ice Cream

When Sur La Table is selling a Cuisinart ice cream machine for $37 (including tax, which is now 10.25% in Santa Monica, by the way) one is not allowed to say no. Los Angeles’ hot, humid weather and the fact that we had just finished a gallon of Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream recently assured me that my decision to buy yet another appliance would only bring me true, everlasting happiness. When blackberries are 2 boxes for $4 at Ralphs, one has no excuse to not eat antioxidant and flavanoid-rich fruit. Clearly, these were forces beyond my control. I was only doing the right thing.

This post is about a blackberry ice cream that is perfectly rich and unbelievably smooth. It’s the kind of the ice cream that is so wonderful that it may prevent me from purchasing ice cream elsewhere.

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Cream Cheese and Chive Biscuits

I haven’t made biscuits in a while. Last time I made them, the entire batch fed my boyfriend for several meals during a weekend I went home. Seeing that I’m home this weekend to spend some much needed time with my parents, I couldn’t leave my boyfriend biscuit-less. That would certainly be a tragedy. Thankfully, a recipe from my trusty Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook was waiting faithfully in the wings.

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Mind-blowing Macaroni and Cheese

Because I’m going to the LA Cupcake Challenge today, because I’m still reeling from the intensity of midterms week, because I’m taking the GRE next week and need comforting (ridiculously cheesy, melty, gooey comforting), I’m sharing with you this phenomenal macaroni and cheese my boyfriend made.

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Vegetarian Torta

The torta is something my boyfriend makes for us to eat during the weekday. I know the general process, but he is much better about timing the whole thing. When we make it together, the experience is always peppered with my questions of “Is it ready yet?” I’m such a typical baker. I need to work on that.

Tortas are the perfect college food. All the ingredients are inexpensive. Only some dicing skills are really required. You will need a cast iron skillet, but they’re pretty reasonable and are utilitarian. Tortas are divinely satisfying. The kind of satisfying that gives you the confidence to tackle that huge section of reading due tomorrow.

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