Funfetti Cake Pops

One of the most influential blogs on the Internet belongs to Angie at Bakerella. Her fun, playful style, crafty, creative ideas, and ceaseless passion for everything cute and sweet in life is infectious and inspirational. When I first started blogging, Bakerella was where I headed for tips on everything baking, especially when it came to the crucial photography moments. But, despite Krafted by Kelly’s two year history, my first time making cake pops was last week. And Bakerella’s famous book has already spawned various kits, international editions, and most recently, a cake pop toy set. When I finally decided to make cake pops, I wasn’t quite ready to master the complicated shapes and characters she details in her book, but to capture her colorful, fun-loving take on baking and decorating, I knew funfetti cake pops with rainbow sprinkles and non-pareils would be a faithful homage.

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How to Decorate Cupcakes Using a Plastic Bottle

The final look of a cupcake is just as important as the taste. This much is obvious. Why else would Cupcake Wars have an entire round dedicated to presentation? (And yes, Cupcake Wars is law.) I’ve bought many a star tip to achieve that beautiful swirled look, and unfortunately, I am not all that adept at wielding an offset spatula. But I’ve always liked that puffy, bulbous, St. Basil’s Cathedral at Russia-type frosting too. One day, I had an epiphany. I could decorate cupcakes with a plastic bottle. And it would look amazing.

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