Becks Prime, Houston

One of the things that I find awesome and unexpected about traveling regionally in the US is the wide range of popular “chain-type” eateries to which I am completely oblivious. Californians are often cited for their self-centric tunnel vision in many areas, and I am not an exception. As a teenager, after having visited a Potbelly and a Soup Box (this was in Chicago), the experience was both eye-opening and left me wishing they each had locations somewhere in LA or San Diego (they didn’t).

These are the sort of chains that everyone nearby loyally knows and loves, but might not have national infamy (like McDonald’s or ChickFilA) or be so individualistic that they land on city culinary lists targeting visitors. Nonetheless, they warrant a mention and a visit because they are just good, solid places to eat. This is what a place like Beck’s Prime means to me.

They are what you would expect out of a fast food joint: fluorescent lights, reliable air conditioning, and sans serif fonts. This particular one was within walking distance of where we were staying in Houston and it was somewhat comforting to see classic fast food style architecture in an area of the city that was experiencing rapid gentrification.

This is the “Bill’s Burger,” or “1/2 lb chuck, sautéed onions, sliced cheddar, bacon, jalapeños, prime sauce, lettuce.” I would have preferred better burger alignment, but I was glad to overlook symmetry and praise awesome burger flavor and moist, spicy burger-ness.

According to Stephen, Beck’s Prime is known for their hot dogs, which are actually served in hamburger buns. The sausages were amazing: meaty, nicely charred in places, and bursting with spice and fat. This is the “Old Fashioned Hot Dog.”

For dessert we got this “shake.” Let me tell you that it was impossible to suck it out of a straw. It was that creamy and dense. Of course, this made it incredibly delicious. This was the vanilla shake.

If you get tired of hitting the “must eat” spots of any city, it’s not a terrible idea to try something that locals routinely hit up once a week, even if it’s “just a fast food place.” Beck’s Prime was really yummy and yes, I wish there was one in southern California. 😦

I saw this as I was walking out the door, haha.

Beck’s Prime
2902 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77098-1203
(713) 524-7085

This is part 2 of an 8 part series on dining primarily in Houston (one post will be on an Austin restaurant). Click here for part 1 (Mission Burrito).


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I'm a California girl living in Durham, North Carolina. I like to focus on baking from scratch, student-friendly cooking, and both high and low dining.

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  2. Thanks for your kind words Kelly. We are proud to be on your list of must-eat places! -Alice with Becks Prime Restaurants.

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