Nobhill Tavern, Las Vegas

Having driven past Michael Mina’s XIV several times while on the Sunset Strip, I was disappointed to hear that the space is now for many private events and is no longer a fully functioning restaurant. Of course, I say this as though it happened yesterday, but it’s actually been almost a year. Thankfully, Stephen and I tried out one of his Las Vegas establishments, Nobhill Tavern, and had a delicious meal with excellent service. Unlike XIV, which was supposedly marred by an identity crisis in menu (and service), Nobhill Tavern shines in its creative interpretations of classic American fare.

The Nobhill Tavern menu is pretty simple with lots of tasty choices. If in the mood for comfort food, look no further.

While trying to decide what to order, I enjoyed one of their famous cocktails, the Cable Car. The Nobhill Tavern Cable Car is quite unlike the average, pedestrian Cable Car. The rim of caramelized sugar, smooth frothiness, and zesty orange flavor are all perfectly balanced and highlighted. I’d recommend watching the video after the picture to see all the different steps that go into making it. Mmm…

Stephen ordered this crazy drink that had absinthe in it. It smelled a lot better than it tasted (it was too dry for my taste) but Stephen said that it was pretty interesting.

We really loved the selection of bread too. Buttery, crumbly focaccia, fall-apart biscuits, and textured sourdough. Heaven.

For our starter, we went with the New England Crab and Lobster Rolls. Fresh, not over-dressed, and perfectly salted. If only there were more!

Halibut with a rich kind of jus and caramelized onions. Yum! (Alas, looking on their website now, this fish dish is no longer on the menu.)

Fortunately, the truffled mac and cheese is! This is probably one of my favorite mac and cheese preparations ever. The broccoli and the mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment to the sweet funkiness of the white truffles. In the background, you can see the mashed potatoes. They were pretty tasty, but pretty ordinary.

Stephen agreed and said that the macaroni and cheese was the more perfect accompaniment to his short ribs. Nice caramelization and very tender, I tasted this dish as well and loved it.

Overall, Nobhill Tavern is a great place to eat dinner if you’re looking for upscale American food in the MGM Grand. The price point is a little higher than Craftsteak, but the overall menu and dining experience is much, much more enjoyable.

Nobhill Tavern
MGM Grand, Las Vegas

This is part 3 of a series about some dining experiences I had while in Las Vegas. You can read part 1 about Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak here and part 2 about Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill here.


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  1. Claire D says:

    The Crab and Lobster Rolls look amazing!

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