Blackberry Ice Cream

When Sur La Table is selling a Cuisinart ice cream machine for $37 (including tax, which is now 10.25% in Santa Monica, by the way) one is not allowed to say no. Los Angeles’ hot, humid weather and the fact that we had just finished a gallon of Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream recently assured me that my decision to buy yet another appliance would only bring me true, everlasting happiness. When blackberries are 2 boxes for $4 at Ralphs, one has no excuse to not eat antioxidant and flavanoid-rich fruit. Clearly, these were forces beyond my control. I was only doing the right thing.

This post is about a blackberry ice cream that is perfectly rich and unbelievably smooth. It’s the kind of the ice cream that is so wonderful that it may prevent me from purchasing ice cream elsewhere.

Fun fact about me: I did a science project in high school about antioxidant activity in blackberries. I used paper chromatography and actually separated the dark purple pigment into different bands of color! Granted, I had the guidance of a friend’s mother who ran a very prestigious lab around UCSD, but I did end up presenting at the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair as a sophomore, winning first place in the chemistry category, a handful of cash scholarships, and “Sweepstakes Runner-Up.” Considering that I now study art history and can barely distinguish an isotope from an isosceles triangle (kidding!) I definitely consider that time to be the apex of my scientific career.

For the time being, I’m going to stick with ice cream chemistry. It’s the only kind of chemistry that won’t make me wear dorky goggles or balance reactants and reagents. I would get an A+ in ice cream chemistry.

When I took this picture, I scooped just a little ice cream into my bowl. I clearly left most of it in the glass pan for Stephen, because I’m so generous like that. It’s ridiculously hard to share good ice cream. Especially when it’s so pretty. If I could make, package, and sell this ice cream, I would call it Blackberry Blush. I’m sure I’d also get a good make-up line out of this!

After freezing the newly made ice cream overnight, the consistency is lush and rich, just sweet enough to enhance the natural blackberry flavor with a pleasant, yet insistent tartness that makes the flavor stand out.

Just in time for some late April heat, this ice cream is definitely going to carry me through my upcoming weeks of midterms!

Blackberry Ice Cream (From

  • 1 1⁄2 cups whole milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 1⁄2 cups sugar
  • 1 1⁄4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 pint fresh blackberries
  • Juice of 1⁄2 lemon (We used a whole lemon)
I would follow the directions on their site for the entire process. The only thing I would like to add: I would recommend adding a little extra sugar to the blackberries when combining it with lemon juice to create a thick, jam-like slurry of blackberries.

About kraftedbykelly
I'm a California girl living in Durham, North Carolina. I like to focus on baking from scratch, student-friendly cooking, and both high and low dining.

106 Responses to Blackberry Ice Cream

  1. tiedwithblue says:

    That looks delicious! I love the color of the icecream too 🙂 This is perfect for a lazy summer afternoon!

  2. Oh this sounds so good!


  3. Perfect! I ordered the 2 qt. Cuisinart ice cream maker this week because I couldn’t resist the idea of summertime frozen drinks any longer! Blackberries are my favorite, so I can’t wait to make your recipe!

  4. Well, I know what I am buying at my next grocery store stop. Assuming they carry it, of course. Looks delicious, and is a great choice for ice cream chemistry presentation 🙂

  5. Blackberry ice cream is yummy, and as you point out, has tremendous health benfits…well at least the blackberry part! 😛

    Congrats on making FP!

  6. Not fair at all.

    Running out the door. SO hungry…and no time for even a slice of toast this morning … let alone a bowl of super-soft, awesome looking ice cream! Ugh…


  7. Linda says:

    Yumm! I love the color! So pretty…and it can’t hurt to add in the coordinating ice scream scoop! I suppose when you consider the antioxidant benefits it makes eating this ice cream so less guilt ridden!!

  8. Oh wow, I have a thing about ice-cream!!! Please pretty please post more recipes so I can persuade my entire household that we cannot live a second longer without an ice-cream maker! 😉

  9. shaunna13 says:

    Looks delicious am going to have to give this a try… Cant wait thanks for the recipe share

  10. linzfrentrop says:

    Blackberries are my fave! your ice cream looks amazing! 🙂

  11. this makes me want to go out and buy an ice cream maker 🙂

  12. Aarrgh, I keep telling myself I DON’T need one of these. Must. Be. Strong….. Seriously great recipe too.

  13. jessherself says:

    It looks EVEN PRETTIER next to that pink ice cream scoop. I love pink. 🙂

  14. zoesays says:

    Love this! And the photos are so lovely. I’m forwarding to my other half since we have an ice cream attachment for our KitchenAid mixer. Thanks!

  15. My mouth is watering over this blog post!

  16. The pictures were quite good! Yummy!

  17. ashallann says:

    Just beautiful !

  18. I agree, ashallann.

  19. trialsinfood says:

    i need to get me an ice cream maker! looks yummy!

  20. rowlandcain says:

    wow that looks so lakker…

  21. oh my god..Blackberry Blush…this looks amazing. I need an ice cream maker right now!

  22. eva626 says:

    yummy and on a bargain too!!! lucky you

  23. Whoa says:

    I literally just priced out an ice cream maker after reading this post. I have no patience for the old ziplock in ziplock method today – and its hot – and that ice cream looks DIVINE – and baby? I’ve earned it today.
    Unfortunately … mine isn’t on sale …

  24. ournote2self says:

    That sounds and looks DELICIOUS! I must go out and buy an ice cream machine at once!

  25. This looks amazing. I actually just purchase the same ice cream maker so this post comes with great timing! I will have to let you know how it comes out. I’m a sucker for anything blackberry flavored so I imagine it will be awesome!

    In the meantime, check out my food blog called “Front Row Eats”

    Keep up the great work!

  26. evajoy says:

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This icecream looks heavenly! If I ever get a chance I will make this. Congrats on FP!

  27. meeshiesmom says:

    This looks so good. I’ve never made ice cream before, but this has inspired me!

  28. blackwatertown says:

    I want it.
    Looks and sounds delicious.
    Better follow your example and do it.

  29. yummi ^^ill give it a try one of these days

  30. This looks to die for! And your pictures are amazing as well!

    Congratulations on Freshly Pressed!

  31. nanashiori says:

    now I am so hungry!



  32. janzplanz says:

    I can’t wait to make this! It looks so yummy!

  33. Yum that looks amazing!

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  35. 25fahmi says:

    Wow,,, I like the ice cream,,,,yummy,,,,

  36. corzgalore says:

    Wow, I wish I could make my own ice cream. Unfortunately I’ve become lazy.

  37. Wow Kelly! That looks delicious! I was just wondering what kind of camera you used for those pics, they look so clear and crisp!

  38. knightowl123 says:

    Blackberry and Black Rasberry Ice Cream, two of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  39. thoughtlesscollection says:

    Looks great. Pictures made it that much more appetizing.

  40. yakitoko says:

    Nice, I want ice cream now!!!

  41. myfilthyroom says:

    who wouldn’t love that pink ice cream scoop? 😀

  42. thewrites says:

    Wow, I’ve never really considered blackberries to be on of my number one choices when it comes to the fruit used in desserts. I’ve always been more of a peach person. I’m not sure if it’s your writing, or if it’s the amazing pictures you’ve posted. Regardless, I’m making this recipe ASAP. Also, Does anyone know of any other good ice cream recipe? I’m going through something of a dessert crafters mad obsession.

  43. I don’t even like blackberries but that is making my mouth water! I have got to try this Blackberry Blush! 😀

  44. Kai says:

    yummy! gonna try making this

  45. iamkathlopez says:

    Get in my tummy! :)) i love your blog. I followed! 🙂

  46. Ummm, looks so delicious. Thanks 🙂

  47. newauthoronamazon says:

    Literally a double whammy. You’ve managed to get all your readers jealous as well as thankful. thanks for sharing yr wonderful idea.

  48. Theosingha says:

    Good recipe! Loving the blog…

  49. blackberry says:

    i love to eat ice creams.

  50. Gary says:

    That sounds so, so good, especially now that I am living in the Philippines and haven’t seen a blackberry since I left the US. 😦

  51. moomonocle says:

    It looks really good. 😀

  52. thanks 4 sharing this simple reciepy

  53. leadinglight says:

    Looks absolutely delish!

  54. yingyingxue says:

    nice blog!if dont u mind and could u give an ICE CREAM to me? 🙂

  55. Looks delightful! Thanks for sharing!

  56. Xhisoka says:

    Your icecream, is….arghhh!!!!

  57. Yummy! Now I am craving ice cream!

  58. Wira says:

    then thinking how to make it and what’s inside, i would prefer thinking how i’m gonna swallow it have another one.

  59. maplevizoe says:

    where can i get it in my country??
    really wanna eat it 😀

  60. thor27 says:

    Oh yeah that ice cream machine does good work and you’re right berries are oh so good. Nice little blog !!!

    Check out todays blog. The Reason Sarah Palin will get my vote for President of the United States.

  61. That looks absolutely amazing…

  62. angelaatra says:

    Wow! That looks absolutely delicious!

  63. Hunter says:

    OMG. I need some now! Soooo gooood

  64. Laura says:

    I went to UCLA! I was a music major in 19780-81, then high-tailed it out of the city, back to UCSC! I also make ice cream, and you’re right–once you’ve made real, luscious ice cream, the stuff in the stores (even B&J’s) just can’t compare. There is no going back!! try Green Tea for a refreshing, summer treat, also high in antioxidants!!

  65. Laura says:

    I went to UCLA! I was a music major in 1980-81, then high-tailed it out of the city, back to UCSC! I also make ice cream, and you’re right–once you’ve made real, luscious ice cream, the stuff in the stores (even B&J’s) just can’t compare. There is no going back!! try Green Tea for a refreshing, summer treat, also high in antioxidants!!

  66. batikmania says:

    hmmm, yummy. it look sooo coool and appetizing. wanna have some. the color is good, and i believe it taste as good as it seen. 😉

  67. I’ve never seen homemade ice cream looks this delicious. II’m drooling over here and it’s so perfect for FL hot humid weather too! 🙂

  68. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    That looks sooooo good! And what a deal!

  69. sketchjay says:

    I really like the healthy aspects of eating ice cream! Thanks for sharing this, it looks amazing!

  70. noon says:

    My goodness! Looks heavenly ! I’m glad I stumbled on your blog!

  71. paulastreasures says:

    Oh my goodness. This looks so incredible yummy!

  72. OMG. Love it! Drool….It looks sooooo goooood!
    I want some! I scream for ice cream! LOL! Lovin’ it! Yes!

  73. Geraldine says:

    This looks amazing! I love the pink handled spoons too, perfect for the photo. Yummmy….

  74. serenityh says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Just want to say that I love the blackberry ice cream. Great job! Keep up the great work!

  75. themacadamia says:

    ohmigod *faints* i must have an ice cream maker!

  76. K Zhang says:

    really like how you took photographs of so many angles. i really enjoy that.

  77. Kelly,

    Have you noticed that the comments you received relate to how good the ice cream looks and how great your photos are? And they’re quite true. Has anyone said that they have actually made it? Don’t you think you should have included the procedure?

  78. enjoibeing says:

    looks so tasty! i love ice cream and home made ice cream looks way better! im gonna have to use this recipe thanks!

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  80. Debbie Cohen says:

    Wild blackberries are abundant in Seattle and I’ve been meaning to go out and pick some. Usually I like them on top of vanilla ice cream but this sounds absolutely decadent. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

  81. xoxofrets says:

    i don’t want to make it..i just want to eat it.hehe

  82. This ice cream looks fabulous. I could devour that entire bowl right now, and its only 9am… Aaah, the life of a foodie.

    Please stop by and say hi!

  83. Looks yummy,, I’m an ice-cream lover but now I’m having a really bad cough… Huff,, on a diet now 😛

  84. Teresa Fikes says:

    Wow! I can just taste it now. Thank you for sharing this information with us on how ice cream can be healthy for us.

  85. brittany says:

    that looks beyond delicious. i will have to try! i can knock off one of my 20 recipes i’m forcing myself to try this year! 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  86. christian says:

    that is mouthwatery. thanks for sharing and hope you could share the ice cream too

  87. Hi,
    Literally a double whammy. You’ve managed to get all your readers jealous as well as thankful. thanks for sharing yr wonderful idea.

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  89. Debs says:

    cool ice cream….!

  90. Thanks for sharing content to read.

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