Chocolate Bar at Harrods: A fun indulgence

One of those iconic, must-see landmarks of London, Harrods is like Rodeo Drive but inside a single department store building. A super-high end department store with an amazing, Egyptian-themed elevator that doesn’t feel pastichey at all, salespeople that all smile at you (even though you clearly are a tourist), and a food court that literally explodes with gourmet teas, jams, cookies, and confections.

When you get away from that hectic lowest floor however, you’ll eventually run into Harrod’s Chocolate Bar. On the menu: everything chocolate! Brilliant, I know. And to my delight, everything was served with a fanciful dusting of cocoa powder. Completely decadent and over-the-top, snacking at the Chocolate Bar was a perfect way to participate in the Harrods lifestyle without buying a Prada.

Behold… samplers of chocolate shots. They have five flavors total, so we ordered 2 of the original (Venezuela hot chocolate) and one each of the other flavors. Each shot is made from a different kind of chocolate! Overall, the choices were Venezuela hot chocolate (“sweet and light”), Italian hot chocolate (“dark chocolate made with vanilla cream”), Pure Ghana (“slightly bitter”), Ecuador (“pure Ghana with fresh orange”), and Trinidad (“white hot chocolate”). The bottom left is the Trinidad hot chocolate, made completely from white chocolate and I’m not sure which hot chocolate is in the lower right… I’m thinking the Venezuela one because it seems to be the same color as the cup behind it. The Trinidad hot chocolate was incredible. I’ve never had hot chocolate made from white chocolate. Unlike eating white chocolate (which can be way too sweet), in a drink form, the white chocolate is delicate, smooth, and has this yummy aroma.

As for the other cups, I liked getting such a wide range of chocolate flavor. The Pure Ghana, as described on the menu, was very bitter (a bit too bitter for me, actually), but my mom really liked it. The Venezuela hot chocolate and the white chocolate hot chocolate ended up being my favorites, with the Italian and Ecuador hot chocolate being kind of… vanilla (ha, ha) for me. They just didn’t have the depth and richness I adore and seek in chocolate. Ordinarily, I love the combination of orange and chocolate, but I just didn’t think it stood out this time.

I love the little cups! The handles are so small that you are basically forced to hold them precariously between your thumb and forefinger, lifting your pinkie pretentiously for balance. A lovely touch. 🙂

Naturally, along with our chocolate shots, we had to order something from the patisserie. As you can see, we had a very difficult time deciding. Everything sounded delicious.

But ultimately, we were at the Chocolate Bar. We had to go with…

… this. The Chocolate Fudge Cake. It was delicious. You see that fudge all ooey-gooey, glistening, and dripping down the side. YES. Perfect cake. A chocolate lover’s dream. Sometimes, you just need to have a solid, over-the-top wedge of chocolate glory.

But the cake comes with a little ramekin of vanilla ice cream garnished with fresh strawberries, mint, and of course, cocoa powder. I love my ice cream when it’s very hard (that’s why I’m usually partial to Häagen-Dazs) and this was just the way I like it. One of the best ways to eat a warm slice of chocolate cake is to pair it with freezing cold ice cream. The combination of hot and cold elevates the cake and the ice cream together.

After everything was gone, plates cleaned, fingers licked (kidding, sort of), my mom and I didn’t dare think about how much chocolate we ultimately consumed. We set down the last empty teacup, thought briefly about ordering another piece of cake to take back to the hotel, and decided to exercise some self-restraint. Warm and energized thanks to the Chocolate Bar’s magical chocolate elixirs, we made our way to the next touristy stop in London.

You can read all about Harrods’ Chocolate Bar here and check out their full menu too. I saw some people eating tasty sundaes and chocolate fondue.

This is part 3 of a series about some dining experiences I had while in London. You can read part 1 about Jamie’s Italian here, and part 2 about Gordon Ramsay at Claridges here.


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I'm a California girl living in Durham, North Carolina. I like to focus on baking from scratch, student-friendly cooking, and both high and low dining.

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