2011 LA Cupcake Challenge

Last November, I posted about Cupcake Camp, an event all about eating cupcakes and supporting a good cause. LA Cupcake Challenge is like camp, but on steroids. Yes, each cupcake was mini-sized, but there were nearly 40 different cupcakes. Because my boyfriend and I both went, we left with nearly 80 cupcakes. When they say challenge, they mean it. Though tickets were expensive (a little over $40/person), we both felt that we got our money’s worth and we appreciated the larger space the hotel venue allowed us. We ended up trying only about 20 of the cupcakes while there, but we brought the rest home and froze them for eating later.

The event is set up in a large hotel ballroom high school science fair style. Along the periphery, the bakers have tables set-up with their signs and cupcakes. There were boxes and boxes of cupcakes. All delicious.

There were simple, but wonderfully flavorful cupcakes…

And fancy, dressed-up cupcakes.

As we went around, we admired the care and creativity involved in so many cupcake stands and displays we saw. Here’s a fried chicken and waffles themed display for their fried chicken and waffles cupcake.

A close-up of those crazy waffle stacks… (We have yet to eat the fried chicken cupcake; we’ll let you know how it tastes once we do…)

Here’s an elegant, imposing one. (Excuse my overenthusiastic tilt…)

We continued to walk around, getting our lists checked off, each cupcake looking tastier than the last.

One display really stood out. Gorgeous floral construction. If I recall correctly, those are root beer cupcakes! We ate those on the spot and they were great.

As we went around, we continuously brought our plates of cupcakes back to our headquarters. In case you were wondering, the edible flower cupcakes were yummy. If I could describe the taste, it would be like an all-fruit smoothie, but a cupcake.

LA Cupcake challenge was lots of fun! Bags under my eyes = not so fun. (Thanks, midterms week!)

After last night, I now have enough cupcakes to keep me going for a while! My boyfriend admits that he’s a little cupcaked out. He was such a trooper at the event, acting as my walking cupcake courier. 🙂 And if any of you ends up going to a similar event, bring some boxes or your cupcake courier! Drink Eat Play (the event hosts) didn’t say that we could (or should) bring them, so I had to be creative and scrounge up some boxes at the last minute. Something salty might not be a bad idea too. Next time, I’ll be sure to arm myself with some Ritz crackers or beef jerky.


About kraftedbykelly
I'm a California girl living in Durham, North Carolina. I like to focus on baking from scratch, student-friendly cooking, and both high and low dining.

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