Apple Pie

Pie is complicated. Pie is vengeful. Pie is scary. Whoever came up with the phrase “easy as pie” must have had a mean streak. My first attempt at making pie was Martha Stewart’s ill-fated apple and blackberry pie. Perhaps it was my lack of confidence from the beginning (I didn’t even bother photographing each step) and that I kind of knew deep down that using Fuji apples instead of Granny Smith would be  disastrous. But this time, I was determined to triumph. Despite the shallowness of the pie dish I randomly chose (I didn’t know pie dishes came in different depths, thanks Mom) this apple pie has such a deep, satisfying flavor and the kind of perky spiciness that spreads from the tip of your tongue to tickle the back of your throat.

Be a good baker now and get the Granny Smith apples. Look, they’re so pretty! Even if they’re not sweet like my preferred Fuji variety.

Get them naked.

Good enough. We want to give them a little dignity.

Slice them very thinly.

On the side, you want to get all your spices and flour mixed together.

Coat the apples in the aforementioned mixture of Heaven.

Now, roll out your pie dough, preferably a dough that you made from scratch. If you use Pillsbury, you should probably eat half of the amount of pie you actually want to eat. (Which will be traumatic because this pie is incredible.)

Situate some chunks of butter on the bottom crust.

As geometrically possible, summon the powers of Martha Stewart and arrange the apple slices like so. Martha smiles upon thee.

After covering the pie with the second piece of dough, trim around the pie with a pair of kitchen shears.

A stroke of brilliance came to me and I realized I could avoid miserably crimping the sides of the pie.

Jab plenty of holes into the top so that the steam can escape. I should have jabbed more, so you do that.

And after all that hoping, praying, and Martha Stewart’s spirit evoking, a pie is born.

And it is a beautiful pie. Beautiful on the inside too.

A beautiful pie is a vanishing pie.

Now for the foolproof recipes.

I highly recommend Smitten Kitchen’s all-butter pie dough. The flavor is unbeatable and it’s very easy to make. Do not use a food processor, using a pastry blender is worth the extra work out and will give you the best results.

For the pie, I went with Aunt Carol’s Apple Pie recipe from


About kraftedbykelly
I'm a California girl living in Durham, North Carolina. I like to focus on baking from scratch, student-friendly cooking, and both high and low dining.

One Response to Apple Pie

  1. Eclair says:

    “As geometrically possible, summon the powers of Martha Stewart and arrange the apple slices like so. Martha smiles upon thee.”

    This needs to be recorded in some kind of ‘Awesome quotes of 2011’.

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