Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

Last spring break, I got to visit New York City with family. I wish at the time that I had been a food blogger then, because now I know that bloggers really have the best recommendations as to where to go eat. I relied on Yelp!, which gave me some pretty good options, but I neglected so many landmark bakeries, restaurants, and cafés that I pretty much smack myself every time I think or hear about places like Butter, Per Se, or Magnolia Bakery. I know, right, these places are like really famous and critically acclaimed, so I must be an uncouth cave-dweller, right? I just didn’t know about them when I was a sophomore in college. All I had in my mind was to hit as many art museums as possible while in the Big Apple. Now that food blogging had introduced me to this world, you can bet that I won’t be letting good eats slip by me like that.

Speaking of good eats, this quickbread recipe is from New York’s Baked. It’s in their first cookbook, Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. Now, I don’t know if they’re necessarily dessert frontiersmen as they so claim, but this pumpkin chocolate chip loaf was very very yummy. It was a perfect way for me to redeem myself for my failure to even know of Baked’s existence when I was in New York. Moist and spicy with the luxurious sweetness of chocolate and the subtle richness of pumpkin, this pumpkin chocolate chip loaf is enjoyable at all times of the day.

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Apple Pie

Pie is complicated. Pie is vengeful. Pie is scary. Whoever came up with the phrase “easy as pie” must have had a mean streak. My first attempt at making pie was Martha Stewart’s ill-fated apple and blackberry pie. Perhaps it was my lack of confidence from the beginning (I didn’t even bother photographing each step) and that I kind of knew deep down that using Fuji apples instead of Granny Smith would be  disastrous. But this time, I was determined to triumph. Despite the shallowness of the pie dish I randomly chose (I didn’t know pie dishes came in different depths, thanks Mom) this apple pie has such a deep, satisfying flavor and the kind of perky spiciness that spreads from the tip of your tongue to tickle the back of your throat.

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Anthony Bourdain: Bunny Bully

After I read Kitchen Confidential, I was convinced that Anthony Bourdain is probably one of the funniest, most thoughtful, and incendiary voices of the food world. I’d also like to thank him for stamping out my lingering, adolescent aspirations of becoming a pastry chef.

After I found out that Anthony Bourdain decided to take over his NoReservations Twitter account, I knew the world would soon be a darker, but fantastically funnier place.


Weekend Waffles with Fresh Strawberries and Honey

Waffles hold such a place in my heart. I made these with my mom on the last day of winter break, the last day of denying the existence of the upcoming quarter, and the last day of languid conversations and peaceful television-watching. I hadn’t made them in a long time, so the crunch of the waffle, perfectly paired with strawberries was delightful. Though this breakfast was only a weekend ago, now that I am immersed in my schoolwork, these pictures feel like they came from a faraway dream. It’s a dream that I’m yearning to revisit. It’s a dream of home.

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Chocolate and Vanilla Pinwheels

The last time I made cookies of this type, I think I kinda sucked. Sure, they were quite delicious, but I knew they weren’t supposed to look dry and lopsided. Thanks to the Internet, I could try another recipe, one that a live person could vouch for. (Take that, Mrs. Field’s!) Now, if you have ever wanted to make these cookies, but the prospect of dividing the dough perfectly evenly kind of freaks you out, and you don’t have a kitchen scale (like me) keep reading.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

I bet lots of people have New Year’s Resolutions to eat more healthy foods, like fruit. Let me tell you that it would be so much easier to eat fruit if it always came in cupcake form! These cupcakes, though they don’t look all puffy and perfect (likely due to my choice to use baking powder instead of baking soda… oops!), they are packed with all the right flavors. The key is the pairing of the mellow sweetness of banana and the rich, chocolatey punch of the fudge-like frosting.

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When Soap Says A Lot

This tweet is from 2010, but I thought it was so cute and funny when I read it originally that I couldn’t resist! Bake at 350 is a blog that I absolutely love reading. (Check out her New Year’s kiss cookies!)

Anyone else have a similar experience when a kid says something that just makes you stop in your tracks?